~Deposit Policy~

  • $100 Minimum Deposit
  • $500 Minimum Deposit *If using Pay Later Option

To reschedule we ask for 48 hours notice to honor the deposit.
This allows time for artist to reschedule their time slots accordingly to others who may want it.
Upon paying a deposit I acknowledge that I have communicated my tattoo design idea to the artist
to my satisfaction, and have reviewed the artist’s prior works to decide that the artist can
implement my idea to my satisfaction. I understand that creating a tattoo design based on a
client’s concept is subjective, and that variations may exist between my concept and the finished
design. If the finished design is not to my liking, minor changes will be made at the artist’s
discretion. However, I understand that substantial changes to the design or the request of an
entirely new drawing or draft will require a new deposit, and the original deposit will be forfeited as
payment for the artist’s drawing time.
A deposit will also be forfeited in full in the case of:

  • I do not appear for a tattoo appointment.
  • If am 20 minutes late without notice.
  • I cancel or reschedule an appointment without giving at least 24 hours notice.
  • Canceling or rescheduling my appointment 2 times.
  • If the area to be tattooed is sunburnt.

Deposits are non-transferable to other designs or clients.

I understand that if I fail to appear for any scheduled tattoo appointment without giving my artist notice (“no call no show“), that I will be charged a no-show fee equivalent to one hour’s time at my artist’s current hourly rate, exclusive of and in addition to any deposit previously paid.
No shows will be required to PAY IN FULL at time of scheduling for any future appointments

Please ensure you are 100% prepared to be tattooed before booking an appointment.

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