~ Tattoo Aftercare ~

Please read and follow instructions carefully:

SecondSkin is a medical-grade, transparent, adhesive barrier that protects new tattoos while they are healing.
It is latex-free, waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

The first twenty-four hours are a crucial time when it comes to healing tattoos.
Because its breathable and waterproof, SecondSkin can be left on during that period.
It will protect the tattoo from bacteria and debris, while also helping to save clothes
and linens from ink and blood.

  1. Using clean hands lather up plain soap (no fragrance, color, or moisturizer) and water.
    Wash the tattoo thoroughly, rinse, and pat dry.
    Do not apply lotion or ointment before applying SecondSkin.

  2. Cut SecondSkin to the desired length and shape.
    You should account for an extra inch or two on each side of the tattoo.

  3. Smooth SecondSkin over the tattoo as you peel the backing.

  4. Once applied, remove the supportive backing on the “wave” side.

After 24 hours, remove SecondSkin. Repeat the process starting at step one.
Leave SecondSkin on for an additional three to six days.

In the first twenty-four hours there may be a build up of blood, ink, and/or plasma underneath SecondSkin.
This is completely normal. If you develop an adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately.

Do not swim or soak in a hot tub or bath for two weeks after getting your tattoo.
Chemicals like chlorine and the bacteria found in most lakes or pools will cause your tattoo to fade or cause an infection.
Soaking a healing tattoo will also cause any healing skin to soften and come off too soon and along with it some of the ink .
Your healing tattoo is an open wound, is highly recommended to prevent infection.
If you experience redness, swelling, tenderness at the tattooed site, red streaks going from the tattooed area toward the heart,
elevated body temp, or foul-smelling drainage from the procedure site you should seek medical help.

Do not tan for at least two weeks after tattooing to allow it time to heal.
After it has healed, you may tan (either naturally or at a salon) as long as you apply SPF30 or higher sunblock over the tattoo.
UV RAYS WILL FADE YOUR TATTOO! If you expose it to the sun, it WILL fade.

Like any other wound to the skin, your tattoo will itch during the healing process.
Scratching or picking at a healing tattoo will remove healing skin, thus removing color from the tattoo.
You may apply lotion to relieve the itching.
Following these simple steps will help ensure that you end up with the best results and minimal complications.

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