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    I am over the age of 18 (Required)

    Tattoo Info

    A general idea of what you are wanting to get tattooed. The more information the better.
    A brief description of a general idea or anything specific. Size and location will be helpful.
    Also if you are open to other ideas or suggestions.


    I understand that this procedure is a permanent change to my skin and body.
    I allow my tattoo to be photographed and used for artist portfolio.
    I acknowledge that refunds are not offered
    I agree that the tattoo artist has no way of identifying if I am allergic to the elements or ingredients that will be used for my tattoo.
    I understand that I need to take care of the tattoo by following the instructions given by my artist.
    I understand that I might get an infection if I don’t follow the instructions given to me in regards of taking good care of my tattoo.

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